2019 — 2020: Mathematics

Math Olympiad 2019-20The Olympi­ad is organ­ized by Peter the Great St. Peters­burg Poly­tech­nic Uni­ver­sity, MIREA — Rus­si­an Tech­no­lo­gic­al Uni­ver­sity, North­ern (Arc­tic) Fed­er­al Uni­ver­sity named after M.V. Lomono­sov and Euler Found­a­tion.

School stu­dents of grades 5–11 from Rus­sia and of equi­val­ent grades from all over the world are invited to par­ti­cip­ate.

Par­ti­cip­a­tion in the com­pet­i­tion is free. All school stu­dents can take part in the first round and the win­ners of the first round are invited to the second round. Win­ners of the pre­vi­ous Olympi­ad (with dip­lo­mas of any degree) are also invited dir­ectly to the second round. Par­ti­cipants with the best res­ults in the second round will be awar­ded with dip­lo­mas and invited (with reduced fee) to the inter­na­tion­al math­em­at­ic­al camp «For­mulo de Integreco».

You can send your ques­tions to the organ­izers to [email protected]​formulo.​org.

Current status: The final round will be held from February 22 to March 1.

Chronology of events

All the news about the Olympiad are posted below from newest to oldest.

Final round

February 1, 2020

The final round of the Olympi­ad will be held between Feb­ru­ary 22 and March 1, depend­ing on the coun­try. The dur­a­tion of the round is 4 hours.

Both lists of loc­a­tions and par­ti­cipants were updated on  the 17th of Feb­ru­ary.  More details about loc­a­tions may be avail­able from loc­al organ­izers or by email ([email protected]​formulo.​org).

It is strongly recom­men­ded to

check the list of loc­a­tions 1–2 days before the sched­uled date!

If you can­not reach the nearest place, write to us about it. We will try to find a more suit­able option with you. You can ask your math teach­er in advance if he/​she is ready to help you.

Pre­lim­in­ary Final res­ults of the qual­i­fy­ing round

December 30, 2019

About 4000 stu­dents from 30 coun­tries took part in the qual­i­fy­ing round! The par­ti­cipants who reached the threshold score will be invited to the final round. All neces­sary inform­a­tion will be sent by email.

Min. score:242533 3019182531

If your res­ult is miss­ing, you could inform the Organ­iz­ing com­mit­tee ([email protected]​formulo.​org) before Janu­ary 15. Please indic­ate your name, grade, coun­try and city and describe how you have sub­mit­ted your work. We also ask every­body to inform us on incor­rect or incom­plete data.

In the table above the res­ults for each grade are presen­ted on a sep­ar­ate sheet, sor­ted by coun­try and name. Also notice, that:

  • a solu­tion of each prob­lem was scored out of 7 points;
  • par­ti­cipants who reached the threshold score are painted yel­low.
Until the final round in the end of Feb­ru­ary!

Sub­mis­sions have been pro­cessed suc­cess­fully

November 16, 2019

The organ­iz­ing Com­mit­tee of the Olympi­ad had fin­ished pro­cessing received sub­mis­sions and, due to the tech­nic­al dif­fi­culties dur­ing the qual­i­fy­ing stage, sent inform­a­tion let­ters to all par­ti­cipants.

Please check the email you provided with the solu­tions!

P.S. If you haven’t got any let­ters, please con­tact the organ­iz­ing Com­mit­tee by e‑mail [email protected]​formulo.​org as soon as pos­sible!

Qual­i­fy­ing round is over

November 13, 2019

Thank you for par­ti­cip­at­ing! The Olympi­ad Com­mit­tee has star­ted pro­cessing and check­ing your solu­tions.

E‑mail con­firm­a­tions about receiv­ing your solu­tions should arrive in a few days, oth­er­wise we will con­tact you.

Pre­lim­in­ary res­ults will be pub­lished in Decem­ber.

Delay of noti­fic­a­tion let­ters

November 11, 2019

Dear par­ti­cipants of Olympi­ad,

Due to the heavy serv­er load, the noti­fic­a­tion let­ters of receiv­ing your solu­tions are sent with big delay :(

We apo­lo­gize in advance and ask for your patience.

P. S. Even in the worst case scen­ario (if your solu­tions will get lost after all), we still have your applic­a­tion and will con­tact you in order to get the solu­tions after the end of the 1st round.

Start of the qual­i­fy­ing round

October 15, 2019

Here is the qual­i­fy­ing (remote) round of the com­pet­i­tion. You can solve prob­lems until Novem­ber 12, 2019 inclus­ively.

Please remem­ber that your solu­tion of every prob­lem should include not only the right answer but the full reas­on­ing as well.

We will be happy if your friends who like math­em­at­ics also par­ti­cip­ate. How­ever, every assign­ment should be done indi­vidu­ally; oth­er­wise, your sub­mis­sion will not be con­sidered.

You can write your solu­tions by hand and scan them or type them using a text edit­or. Solu­tions should be writ­ten in Eng­lish, Esper­anto, French, Geor­gi­an, Ger­man, Kaza­kh, Per­sian, Romani­an, Rus­si­an, Span­ish, Thai, Turk­ish, Ukrain­i­an or Uzbek. Use of oth­er lan­guages should be agreed with the organ­izers in advance.

You do not need to repeat the text of the prob­lems in your paper; please write down your solu­tions only.  For anonym­ous grad­ing, you should not write your name on the paper sheets with solu­tions.

The win­ners of Olympi­ad 2018/19 (those with Dip­lo­mas I‑III) can par­ti­cip­ate dir­ectly in the final round.


How to sub­mit solu­tions

The solu­tions should be sub­mit­ted to the Jury by Novem­ber 12 using this online form:

You can upload both text files (in TXT, DOC, DOCX or PDF formats) and scans of paper works (in JPG and PNG formats). The total num­ber of files should not exceed 10. The files with the solu­tions of the prob­lems should not con­tain the sur­name, name and oth­er per­son­al data of the par­ti­cipant!

Nota Bene! It is not allowed to use the same regis­tra­tion data for send­ing works of sev­er­al par­ti­cipants. If you are a teach­er and want to send papers of sev­er­al stu­dents, please write about this to the organ­iz­ing Com­mit­tee, and we will offer a con­veni­ent way to do it.

Any ques­tions?

You can send your ques­tions (but not the solu­tions of prob­lems) to the organ­izers to [email protected]​formulo.​org.


Announce­ment of the Olympi­ad

September 24, 2019

There will be two rounds in the Inter­na­tion­al Math­em­at­ic­al Olympi­ad «For­mula of Unity»/«The Third Mil­len­ni­um».

Qual­i­fy­ing round

The first round, by cor­res­pond­ence, will be held from Octo­ber 15 to Novem­ber 12.

It is pos­sible to obtain the list of prob­lems and fur­ther announce­ments related to the Olympi­ad via email — register here :)

Final round

The second (final) round of the Olympi­ad «For­mula of Unity»/«The Third Mil­len­ni­um» will be held at the same time (approx­im­ately Feb­ru­ary 2020) at mul­tiple sites in vari­ous coun­tries. The win­ners of the first round will be invited to take it.