One day in the life of the camp

July 24, 2013

Wake up

The morning began with loud knocks at the door, because the duty group decided to wake us up in this way. But it did not happen every day, sometimes knocks were gentle and kind. It depends on the upbringing of people who wakes up. After all, the first law of our camp is «Do all your activities in the creative way!» and the second law is «Take care about everyone!». But word «Creative» does not mean loudly and sharply. Sometimes, the door opened and the representatives of the duty group said: «Good morning! Please, wake up!». And then we had a great start of the day!

Morning exercises

Despite the somnolence and weariness, which have remained since the previous day, all children have gone to morning exercises. Morning exercises definitely exhilarate us. It is not only pleasant but also very useful to do morning exercises in the open air, near the beautiful lake and surrounded by pine forests and wild flowers.


After morning exercises, which woke all of us up, we went for breakfast, because we needed to have the strength for further lessons in study groups. We usually have porridge at breakfast. Russian porridge rather differ from Spanish porridge. We usually boil cereals in Russia, but in Spain they do not boil cereals, they eat dry cereals with milk or juice. But if we take a good look at the guys from other countries, we could see that they have already learned to eat Russian porridge.

Lessons in study groups

Math study groups are well represented in our camp, because math is mainstream here. Children are distributed in four groups, according to their prior knowledge and knowledge of the English. Classes are divided into theoretical lectures and practical problem-solving.

A small amount of participants of the project takes part in humanitarian study group.

Module 1: theoretical lectures

Math lectures are held for individual study groups and also for all participants of the camp. Lectures are given by professors of different universities and representatives of Russia and other countries. Many lectures are in English, but translators are worked in each group and if something is not clear, then you could always get an advice. Children have got some idea of ​​the different areas of modern maths and practical using of it, for example, in medicine or cryptography.

Modules 2 and 3: practical studies aimed to solve problems

The main component of the majority mathematical activities is problem solving. Problems are given in portions. Students solve these problems and tell their solutions to teachers in a personal capacity, so, in such a way children learn to generate ideas and correctly formulate them. At the end of classes teachers tell right solutions.

Additionally, various mathematical games are held: carrousel, math battles and dominoes, during which children divide into teams and solve problems.

In the humanitarian group, as usual, we have to publish a newspaper. I note that it is very difficult. All people can’t get anything done during publishing of the newspaper, so the mercury is rising. But still our efforts were not in vain: the newspaper publishes every day.

One group is writing the article. The second group publishes a new issue of the newspaper. The third group provide a working material for the newspaper, including photographs.

The fact is that in our camp we have a law: «ROTATION of traditional assignments.» This law must work throughout camp and in all. And, according to this law, the groups have to write their articles and bring them to us. But this has happened only when duty group had responsible leader and helper of leaders.


After classes in study groups, we go for lunch.

Free time

Usually we have an hour or an hour and a half, when we could to have a rest. But it is a relative freedom because someone is going to language classes, someone does group’s assignments, someone writes an article.

Today almost nobody had such time. After eating, we were going to the group’s places, because we had to do a movie. It should be reminded that the activity associated with the film festival is the common collective creative evening activity, the essence of which to present the best documentary films about the camp. This is a fairly difficult job: to come up with script, to think about costumes, make decorations, mount the film. But also it’s very interesting, I think everyone would like to make your own movie or play in someone else’s.

And finally we had long-awaited freedom! Once we have «filmed» all, we divided with a group, because we had an «activity of choice». It means that everyone chooses what he will do: play sports, learn languages or just relax and have a rest.

Common activity

Next, we are going with our groups to the «Rope Course». It is called «Rope Course», because the group moves in the camp, holding hands, as if a rope bundled us. The aim of this organization and the business game — check how the group rallied, and how successfully passed the process of team building. It was a pretty dangerous event. The course consisted of six stations: «banana», «trust fall», «Running on waves», «walk with blind», «beam», «spider web». For example, at the station «Running on waves» all people stay in two lines, face-to-face and put their hands on each other’s shoulders. After that one person has to pass through the hands of all group. So every member of the group does it in turn. And at the station «beam» it was necessary to introduce a burned bridge across Mountain River over a huge abyss and team had to quickly move from one riverside to the other that no one is left in the lurch. We need to transport invaluable cargo of special purpose that could not afford to help their arms or legs. But here’s the problem: we did not have beams to restore the bridge, and it was decided to use your own body to do this. And just like that cargo delivered to their destination.

The group’s time

After quite a dangerous course we are going back to our group place and we now are mounting films, which were filmed in the afternoon.

And with already ready films we are going to the Film Festival!

Evening event

To begin with, each group had a special task to prepare the closure of film festival. I will tell you that every activity is preparing by a special group called «Council of activity», which comes up with a script and distributes tasks. Some were decorated concert hall, others came up with links (games, small competitions), which should have been in the intervals between films and, of course, we had the finale. Of course, there were attended stars such as Robert Downey Jr., Steven Spielberg and many others. My colleague the journalist Sophia Zima describes this event: «What did not happened! Love story, comedy, horror…»

And almost all things are ready, time to start. Emcees came on the stage and they presented to us the famous jury. We started from the trailer of first group, but further the film failed to show due to technical problems. But this was only intrigued the audience! We played in the famous games: «Simon says», «Aram-Zam-Zam» and others games. It was fun! After that started the showing of the film of the second group — Love Story with elements of Comedy. We laughed at so interesting and even a true story of love and, of course, be touched by happy ending.

And finally — we watched the film of the first group, which so long could not see. It was a perfect montage of horror «Girls VS Zombies» with a sweet and unexpected end. The film of the fourth group showed to children the difference between pessimists and optimists. Who is still better to be? About this everyone had to think and make their own conclusion.

The fifth group told us the story of «Walking man», whose feet are constantly in motion. He could not sleep, standing near the mirror and even just to put on his socks! It was insanely hilarious film, one of the best! All laughed heartily.

The film of the sixth group had surprised us by its originality and this film showed us the true love and the opportunity to fight for your adoration. Even if the object of adoration is a broom.