One day in the life of the camp

July 24, 2013

Wake up

The morn­ing began with loud knocks at the door, because the duty group decided to wake us up in this way. But it did not hap­pen every day, some­times knocks were gentle and kind. It depends on the upbring­ing of people who wakes up. After all, the first law of our camp is «Do all your activ­it­ies in the cre­at­ive way!» and the second law is «Take care about every­one!». But word «Cre­at­ive» does not mean loudly and sharply. Some­times, the door opened and the rep­res­ent­at­ives of the duty group said: «Good morn­ing! Please, wake up!». And then we had a great start of the day!

Morn­ing exer­cises

Des­pite the som­no­lence and wear­i­ness, which have remained since the pre­vi­ous day, all chil­dren have gone to morn­ing exer­cises. Morn­ing exer­cises def­in­itely exhil­ar­ate us. It is not only pleas­ant but also very use­ful to do morn­ing exer­cises in the open air, near the beau­ti­ful lake and sur­roun­ded by pine forests and wild flowers.


After morn­ing exer­cises, which woke all of us up, we went for break­fast, because we needed to have the strength for fur­ther les­sons in study groups. We usu­ally have por­ridge at break­fast. Rus­si­an por­ridge rather dif­fer from Span­ish por­ridge. We usu­ally boil cer­eals in Rus­sia, but in Spain they do not boil cer­eals, they eat dry cer­eals with milk or juice. But if we take a good look at the guys from oth­er coun­tries, we could see that they have already learned to eat Rus­si­an por­ridge.

Les­sons in study groups

Math study groups are well rep­res­en­ted in our camp, because math is main­stream here. Chil­dren are dis­trib­uted in four groups, accord­ing to their pri­or know­ledge and know­ledge of the Eng­lish. Classes are divided into the­or­et­ic­al lec­tures and prac­tic­al prob­lem-solv­ing.

A small amount of par­ti­cipants of the pro­ject takes part in human­it­ari­an study group.

Mod­ule 1: the­or­et­ic­al lec­tures

Math lec­tures are held for indi­vidu­al study groups and also for all par­ti­cipants of the camp. Lec­tures are giv­en by pro­fess­ors of dif­fer­ent uni­ver­sit­ies and rep­res­ent­at­ives of Rus­sia and oth­er coun­tries. Many lec­tures are in Eng­lish, but trans­lat­ors are worked in each group and if some­thing is not clear, then you could always get an advice. Chil­dren have got some idea of ​​the dif­fer­ent areas of mod­ern maths and prac­tic­al using of it, for example, in medi­cine or cryp­to­graphy.

Mod­ules 2 and 3: prac­tic­al stud­ies aimed to solve prob­lems

The main com­pon­ent of the major­ity math­em­at­ic­al activ­it­ies is prob­lem solv­ing. Prob­lems are giv­en in por­tions. Stu­dents solve these prob­lems and tell their solu­tions to teach­ers in a per­son­al capa­city, so, in such a way chil­dren learn to gen­er­ate ideas and cor­rectly for­mu­late them. At the end of classes teach­ers tell right solu­tions.

Addi­tion­ally, vari­ous math­em­at­ic­al games are held: car­rou­sel, math battles and dom­in­oes, dur­ing which chil­dren divide into teams and solve prob­lems.

In the human­it­ari­an group, as usu­al, we have to pub­lish a news­pa­per. I note that it is very dif­fi­cult. All people can­’t get any­thing done dur­ing pub­lish­ing of the news­pa­per, so the mer­cury is rising. But still our efforts were not in vain: the news­pa­per pub­lishes every day.

One group is writ­ing the art­icle. The second group pub­lishes a new issue of the news­pa­per. The third group provide a work­ing mater­i­al for the news­pa­per, includ­ing pho­to­graphs.

The fact is that in our camp we have a law: «ROTA­TION of tra­di­tion­al assign­ments.» This law must work through­out camp and in all. And, accord­ing to this law, the groups have to write their art­icles and bring them to us. But this has happened only when duty group had respons­ible lead­er and help­er of lead­ers.


After classes in study groups, we go for lunch.

Free time

Usu­ally we have an hour or an hour and a half, when we could to have a rest. But it is a rel­at­ive free­dom because someone is going to lan­guage classes, someone does group’s assign­ments, someone writes an art­icle.

Today almost nobody had such time. After eat­ing, we were going to the group’s places, because we had to do a movie. It should be reminded that the activ­ity asso­ci­ated with the film fest­iv­al is the com­mon col­lect­ive cre­at­ive even­ing activ­ity, the essence of which to present the best doc­u­ment­ary films about the camp. This is a fairly dif­fi­cult job: to come up with script, to think about cos­tumes, make dec­or­a­tions, mount the film. But also it’s very inter­est­ing, I think every­one would like to make your own movie or play in someone else’s.

And finally we had long-awaited free­dom! Once we have «filmed» all, we divided with a group, because we had an «activ­ity of choice». It means that every­one chooses what he will do: play sports, learn lan­guages or just relax and have a rest.

Com­mon activ­ity

Next, we are going with our groups to the «Rope Course». It is called «Rope Course», because the group moves in the camp, hold­ing hands, as if a rope bundled us. The aim of this organ­iz­a­tion and the busi­ness game — check how the group ral­lied, and how suc­cess­fully passed the pro­cess of team build­ing. It was a pretty dan­ger­ous event. The course con­sisted of six sta­tions: «banana», «trust fall», «Run­ning on waves», «walk with blind», «beam», «spider web». For example, at the sta­tion «Run­ning on waves» all people stay in two lines, face-to-face and put their hands on each oth­er­’s shoulders. After that one per­son has to pass through the hands of all group. So every mem­ber of the group does it in turn. And at the sta­tion «beam» it was neces­sary to intro­duce a burned bridge across Moun­tain River over a huge abyss and team had to quickly move from one river­side to the oth­er that no one is left in the lurch. We need to trans­port invalu­able cargo of spe­cial pur­pose that could not afford to help their arms or legs. But here’s the prob­lem: we did not have beams to restore the bridge, and it was decided to use your own body to do this. And just like that cargo delivered to their des­tin­a­tion.

The group’s time

After quite a dan­ger­ous course we are going back to our group place and we now are mount­ing films, which were filmed in the after­noon.

And with already ready films we are going to the Film Fest­iv­al!

Even­ing event

To begin with, each group had a spe­cial task to pre­pare the clos­ure of film fest­iv­al. I will tell you that every activ­ity is pre­par­ing by a spe­cial group called «Coun­cil of activ­ity», which comes up with a script and dis­trib­utes tasks. Some were dec­or­ated con­cert hall, oth­ers came up with links (games, small com­pet­i­tions), which should have been in the inter­vals between films and, of course, we had the finale. Of course, there were atten­ded stars such as Robert Downey Jr., Steven Spiel­berg and many oth­ers. My col­league the journ­al­ist Sophia Zima describes this event: «What did not happened! Love story, com­edy, hor­ror…»

And almost all things are ready, time to start. Emcees came on the stage and they presen­ted to us the fam­ous jury. We star­ted from the trail­er of first group, but fur­ther the film failed to show due to tech­nic­al prob­lems. But this was only intrigued the audi­ence! We played in the fam­ous games: «Simon says», «Aram-Zam-Zam» and oth­ers games. It was fun! After that star­ted the show­ing of the film of the second group — Love Story with ele­ments of Com­edy. We laughed at so inter­est­ing and even a true story of love and, of course, be touched by happy end­ing.

And finally — we watched the film of the first group, which so long could not see. It was a per­fect mont­age of hor­ror «Girls VS Zom­bies» with a sweet and unex­pec­ted end. The film of the fourth group showed to chil­dren the dif­fer­ence between pess­im­ists and optim­ists. Who is still bet­ter to be? About this every­one had to think and make their own con­clu­sion.

The fifth group told us the story of «Walk­ing man», whose feet are con­stantly in motion. He could not sleep, stand­ing near the mir­ror and even just to put on his socks! It was insanely hil­ari­ous film, one of the best! All laughed heart­ily.

The film of the sixth group had sur­prised us by its ori­gin­al­ity and this film showed us the true love and the oppor­tun­ity to fight for your ador­a­tion. Even if the object of ador­a­tion is a broom.