Starting from 2012 Euler Foundation and St. Petersburg State University organize series of International Summer Multi-disciplinary Camps «Formulo de Integreco».

The project has the following purposes:

  1. To introduce children to the scientific research; to prepare them for participation in school scientific conferences.
  2. To provide children with skills important in the work on research projects in teams, to give them experience in communication on the ground of mutual understanding and joint creative work.
  3. To step up the abilities and to give the complementary education to schoolchildren from countryside and small towns where they have less opportunity to satisfy their interest to science.
  4. To investigate the potential of the synthesis of two lines in the area of Education Sciences, both of them having been developed for more than 50 years: the I.P. Ivanov’s methodology of collective creative education and Leningrad/St. Petersburg system of gifted children development at scientific clubs and summer camps.
  5. To create a pattern of an international academic summer camp that can be expanded and replicated in the subsequent years and to develop human resources for this program.

To achieve these goals, we plan:

  • To organize yearly the summer multi-disciplinary camps in St. Petersburg and Leningrad area for the 7th-10th grade schoolchildren from regions of Russian Federation and for schoolchildren from different countries by united team of St. Petersburg teachers of study groups, teachers working according to the methodology of collective creative activity and foreign teachers.
  • To prepare to replicate the derived experience in different regions of Russia and to conduct the analogous profile camps in different countries.
  • To elaborate and to implement a concept of distant scientific clubs; this concept jointly with summer camps and boarding schools under the universities may compose a system of continuous education for children living at a distance from university cities.