«Formula of Unity» / «Third Millennium» Olympiad

Mathematics; 2017 — 2018

The Olympiad is organized by ITMO University, Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. LomonosovSouthwest State University and Euler Foundation.

School students of grades 5 – 11 from Russia and of equivalent grades from all over the world are invited to participate.

Participation in the competition is free. All school students can take part in the first round and the winners of the first round are invited to the second round. Winners of the previous Olympiad (with diplomas of any degree) are also invited directly to the second round. Participants with the best results in the second round will be awarded with diplomas and invited (with reduced fee) to the international mathematical camp «Formulo de Integreco».

Current status: Qualifying round is over. The results will be published soon.

Chronology of events

All the news about the Olympiad are posted below from newest to oldest.

Start of the qualifying round

16 October 2017

General principles

Here is the qualifying (remote) round of the competition. You can solve problems until November 13, 2017.

Please remember that your solution of every problem should include not only the right answer but the full reasoning as well.

We will be happy if your friends who like mathematics also participate. However, every assignment should be done individually; otherwise, your submission will not be considered.

Please be careful with preparation of your work, follow the rules and provide all necessary data. You do not need to include problem statements into your submission; please write down your solutions only.

You can write your solutions by hand and scan them or type them using a text editor. Solutions should be written in Esperanto, English, French, Georgian, German, Persian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian, or Uzbek. Use of other languages should be agreed with the organizers in advance. For anonymous grading, you should not write your name on the paper sheets with solutions.

The winners of Olympiad 2016/17 (those with Diplomas I-III) can participate directly in the final round.


Problems in English

Problems in French

Problems in Georgian

Problems in Persian

Problems in Russian

Problems in Spanish

Problems in Ukrainian

Problems in Uzbek

How to submit solutions

Before submitting your solutions, please fill in a questionnaire. (Download it in Excel format if MS Excel is available. Otherwise, download it as pdf and add your answers or create an .odt or a .txt file.)

The solutions should be submitted to the Jury by November 13. If you received any instructions from your local organizing committee or a teacher, please follow them.

Otherwise, please type or scan your solutions into one of the following formats: txt, doc, odt, pdf, jpg. The files should not contain your name (even in the file names). Then you can email your solutions to [email protected]​formulo.​org. You can attach several files or create a .zip archive. Please attach your questionnaire as a separate file to the same message. Please indicate your grade of participation (R5, …, R11) in the Subject line.

Any questions?

You can send your questions to the organizers (but not the solutions of problems) to [email protected]​formulo.​org.