International spring camp in Losevo

Dates: March 25 — March 31, 2019
Main leader: Natalia Glushkova

International spring camp in Losevo The first international spring camp took place on the holidays from 25th to 31st of March 2019 in the territory of already loved and proven by years recreation center «Parus» in Losevo (Leningrad region). 30 school students from Russia, Iran and Ecuador took part in it. Few people know that some guys traveled to St. Petersburg as long as 4 days, having experienced many difficulties, especially in order to get to the camp «Formula for Unity» for a week!

For 7 days, students were trained in three profiles: Mathematics, Physics, Linguistics. Interestingly, the people who were doing mathematics were only from Iran and Ecuador, and physics and linguistics — only from Russia. In addition to the usual studies in profiles, every day they have already prepared their projects (developments) related to the subject and the improvement of the world around us:

  • International spring camp in LosevoMathematics created two urban planning projects. This area is extremely relevant in our time, when all new cities are built, and the old ones grow in size. By choosing the location of the functional elements of the city, the children did the analytical work, planning the socio-economic and spatial development of the city. The results are a report on work in the field of urban planning, drawings that correspond to the developed concept, and a layout as a visual implementation of the project.
  • Physics have created «nanogloves based on non-Newtonian fluid.» In fact, they are not «nano», but it sounds more scientific. The guys mixed the starch with water, put everything in a balloon and tied it up. Then this ball could be given any shape, and due to the properties of non-Newtonian fluid, it became solid upon impact. Scope: self-defense (comes with a textbook on physics) and antistress (you can knead or beat the ball, which relieves stress).

  • Linguistics project focused on providing everyone with an opportunity to learn English in a way suitable for them. For instance, for those who like listening to music they came up with a set of playlists, where for each song there is a number of useful words in it. Those who prefer reading can visit a new VK page and find a fiction book that would help them prepare for one of the international exams. People interested in preparation for listening exercises are welcome to check out the YouTube channel with the vids that aim specifically at expanding the viewers’ vocabulary. If one has but little time for studying but would gladly visit Instagram they’ve got an account with beautiful pics, memes and interactive exercises.

«Utopia» was chosen as the theme of the camp — the whole week we tried to build a perfect world, not for all of humanity, but at least for all of us. First of all, after a common getting know each other and the territory, division into groups and interaction in them, we all together planned the camp, namely, we answered the question «Which topics should be considered in order to build an utopia?» By a general vote we chosen «Life on the Earth. Ecology», «Peace and love», «Education. Science. Progress», «Culture. Art. Traditions», which headlined the next 4 days of the camp.

Life on the Earth. Ecology

The main task of the day was to unite for creating a favorable environmental situation on Earth, more specifically — in our future Utopia. This was facilitated by Trust path, an Eco-quest on the street and the Opening ceremony dedicated to the environment and ecology.

Peace & Love

International spring camp in LosevoOn the second day, the guys were engaged in building, perhaps, the most important component for creating our Utopia — relationships! Immediately after profiles and project work, they had to find love in the game «Cupids», and then learn to appreciate the meaning of words through a role-playing game in which the king forbade his lieges to talk in order to avoid conflicts and quarrels. The day ended with a beautiful evening of legends about love, peace, friendship and tolerance.

Education. Science. Progress

Who would have thought that this topic could be so interesting, especially if we consider it immediately after profiles and project work?! Nevertheless, the Quiz, Jeff and Debates, which filled up almost the whole afternoon, became one of the most memorable events of the camp … giving way only to the sports-intellectual game «Palka-Kopalka», which took place at the beginning of the same day.

Culture. Traditions. Arts

The final thematic day of the camp was at the same time the brightest one (it’s not just about the events, but also about the weather, by the way)! Starting with the final classes in the profiles and the finalization of the projects, it continued with cultural exchanges between participants from Russia, Iran and Ecuador, photocross, during which each group not only took funny pictures, but also learned interesting facts about various cultural and art figures from different centuries. The main event of the day was the evening ball, where the guys in a short time learned folk dances from different countries, and also created their own common dance from four fragments (by the number of the groups).

The analysis of the camp was collective as well as its planning. According to its results, it turned out that the existence of Utopia is quite real, even if it was only for 60 people who lived one wonderful week together in Losevo.

It was necessary in order to learn the world around better and understand how to live in it all together

Amirkia Salimi (participant from Iran)

International spring camp in Losevo

Students of linguistics of English language made a magazine «FDI_WEEKLY».


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