Announcement of the Munich camp 2018

Are you fluent in English? Interested in projects? And you dream to visit the capital of Bavaria? «Formulo de Integreco» and Kulturzentrum «GOROD» invite young people from 16 to 20 years old to take part in the international Munich camp!

Dates: August 1–12, 2018.

The venue is the cultural center «GOROD» (Munich, Harras, Hansastrasse 181).

Conditions: accommodation in the hostel type rooms for 8 — 10 people, amenities on the floor; three meals a day.

Announcement of the Munich camp 2018 Announcement of the Munich camp 2018 Announcement of the Munich camp 2018


There is a flight to Munich unaccompanied by adults. The organizers meet at the airport in Munich. After submitting the application and confirming the participation, additional information will be sent with recommendations for the flight tickets (direct flights are preferred).

  • The flight to Munich and back are not included in the participation fee!

The main term of participation is colloquial (spoken) English.

Before applying, carefully read all the information about the camp, especially about the transfer, term of participation and cost.

On the second page you can find a list of participants filled the form in. Please be patient — sometimes it takes up to few hours for new registrations to be processed.


The base cost is 550 euros. This includes: accommodation and meals, an educational program, an excursion program, transport, souvenir products. Flight tickets to Munich are not included!

Available discounts: 

50 euros — to winners and prize-winners of the International mathematical Olympiad «Formulo de Integreco»,

100 euros — to participants of previous international FdI camps and two or more children from the same family.

For Munich and Bavaria citizens it costs 5 euro per a day without accommodation. You can pay addictionally for the excursions and transport during the camp trips. Also you can stay in GOROD as an usual participant (with accommodation) paying for this. Please, address all questions to Natalia or Juri.

Description of the camp and organization details

The international camp in Munich this year is the second (learn more about the first, in 2017, you can here –Munich 2017). The main task is creation and presentation of the projects on the theme «Modern City» in small international groups led by specialists of this direction from the cultural center «GOROD» and with the participation of curators from the «Formulo de Integreco». Also you are waited for by math, economics, informatics, ecology, architecture lessons in connection with the camp topic.

In the second part of the day, creative collective activity in teams awaits us. It will be planned and organised by curators along with the participants themselves. A large number of excursions around Munich and Bavaria are also planned for the camp. Be ready to walk a lot! 😉 Announcement of the Munich camp 2018

By the number of participants, the camp will be small, but, according to the experience of the previous year, very cozy and productive in terms of work. The main participants are school students and students from 16 to 20 years old from Russia and Europe.

Arrival takes place on the 1st of August in the afternoon, departure — on the 12th of August in the afternoon. It is possible to arrive earlier (July 30–31) and leave later (before August 15), but for additional payment for accommodation, meals, transport and excursions. This opportunity is discussed personally with the organizers!

Do not rush to buy flight tickets! After confirming participation our organizers will contact with you by e‑mail or phone.


You can address all questions to Natalia Glushkova (St.Petersburg, Russia):

or to Manuel Loja Ruiz (Seville, Spain):