International camp FdI-2018

14–18 years old students from all over the world are invited to take part in the 7th international session of the Multi-disciplinary summer educational camp «Formula of Unity».

Dates: July 16-30, 2018.

Place: recreation sites «Manor of the lake Sirkojarvi» and «Orekhovo» in 40–50 km to the north of St. Petersburg (near Garbolovo and Orekhovo).

Transfer: traditionally, we meet each team at the airport and accompany the participants to the camp. It is important that you arrive to St. Petersburg on July 16 not later than at 16:00 and leave the camp on July 30 (not earlier).

Living conditions: lodging in rooms for 2–3 persons each, facilities on the floors, 6 meals per day, individual food requirements can be met.

Infrastructure: green territory, forest, sport facilities, meeting hall, own beach at the lake.

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On the second page you can find a list of participants filled the form in. Please be patient — sometimes it takes up to few hours for new registrations to be processed.

The organizing committee of the camp is available by tendaro.​somera.​[email protected]​formulo.​org.

Daily activities in our camp include two parts: educational (one subject by choice)  and creative; both of them are obligatory.

This summer we offer participants a choice between the following…International camp FdI-2018


The list of subjects can be expanded. If you are interested in a subject not included in the list, please mention this in your registration form.

The «creative» part of the day will be based on collective creative activity in teams where paticipants of different ages, countries and subjects will be mixed.

Participating countries: we expect groups from Spain, France, Ecuador, Mexico and different regions of Russia. However, participants from any other countries are welcomed!

Teaching and communication will be in English. After submitting the registration form we will contact you about interview to determine the level.

Excursions: there will be one day-long excursion to St. Petersburg. If you are interested in more sightseeing, we strongly recommend to stay in St. Petersburg several days before or after the camp. We can arrange cheap accommodation for you in the hotel «Nauka» in the very center of the city (near The Hermitage).


  • 740 Euros for those applying until April 3;
  • 780 Euros for those applying after April 3.

International camp FdI-2018

The fee covers:

  • accommodation in the recreation center from July 16 to July 30 (additional nights are to be paid separately),
  • 6 meals a day,
  • training, sports and cultural program,
  • transfer from the airport in St. Petersburg to the camp and back,
  • excursion around St. Petersburg,
  • souvenir set (a smock, a pen, etc),
  • registration of a foreigner in the Migration Office.

Winners of FdI Olympiad receive a discount: 25% for Diploma III, 33% for Diploma II and 50% for Diploma I.

Methods of payment:

  • bank transfer after prior signing an agreement;
  • in cash upon arrival.

The organizers cover the lodging and meals for one accompanying teacher for each group.

Here you can read about one day in the camp in 2013.

International camp FdI-2018

In the creative part of the day (after lunch) the participants will be engaged in such traditional for FdI camps activities as:

  • discussions,
  • brain games,
  • role-playing and business games,
  • sport acivities,
  • master classes in various topics, including language classes led by participants from different countries,
  • quests,
  • candles (evening conversations in the groups on a certain topic),
  • team-building trainings
  • and many other things.

The participants will also gain experience of being organizers of certain acivities and of beeing a «coordinator of the day». They will learn to appear on stage, to express their opinions, and to defend their views, improving their skills of informal communication in English.