Inter­na­tion­al camp

July 24, 2019

Nowadays people don’t really want to grow up, stay­ing kids instead. This top­ic was raised today in the For­mula camp. Activ­it­ies star­ted lately at night with the intel­lec­tu­al quest called «Shad­ow Fight­ers». So we woke up later also.

As always, let’s start with classes. Chem­ists today enjoyed them­selves by solv­ing the tasks of determ­in­ing the pH of acids, bases, and even buf­fer solu­tions! Acids are involved in many reac­tions, and buf­fer sys­tems are import­ant for liv­ing organ­isms — for example, they are work­ing in our blood right now. Astro­nomers were talk­ing about plan­et­o­logy. At the first part of the les­son they was speak­ing about small bod­ies in Sol­ar sys­tem and in the second part about areology. And this is not con­nec­ted with an air — this is sci­ence about Mars, because of greec word Άρης means Mars. And both math groups con­tin­ued the lec­ture about game the­ory giv­en yesterday.

Then we had a dis­cus­sion and games to feel your­self in an adult’s boots to make dif­fi­cult choices and solve their prob­lems and to be thrown back into our child­hood. And what is a child’s life without board games? That’s why we cre­ated and played our own ones.

The whole day was a suc­cess because every­one under­stood the top­ic: wake up the old child­hood memor­ies and made some plans for the future.

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