International camp

July 24, 2019

Nowadays people don’t really want to grow up, staying kids instead. This topic was raised today in the Formula camp. Activities started lately at night with the intellectual quest called «Shadow Fighters». So we woke up later also.

As always, let’s start with classes. Chemists today enjoyed themselves by solving the tasks of determining the pH of acids, bases, and even buffer solutions! Acids are involved in many reactions, and buffer systems are important for living organisms — for example, they are working in our blood right now. Astronomers were talking about planetology. At the first part of the lesson they was speaking about small bodies in Solar system and in the second part about areology. And this is not connected with an air — this is science about Mars, because of greec word Άρης means Mars. And both math groups continued the lecture about game theory given yesterday.

Then we had a discussion and games to feel yourself in an adult’s boots to make difficult choices and solve their problems and to be thrown back into our childhood. And what is a child’s life without board games? That’s why we created and played our own ones.

The whole day was a success because everyone understood the topic: wake up the old childhood memories and made some plans for the future.

International camp International camp International camp International camp International camp