Inter­na­tion­al camp

July 25, 2019

Today we had got really use­ful and deep top­ic of the day — «Remember/​forget».

After tasty break­fast we had got classes.

Hello from astro­nomers! Today we had such a cool day. Firstly, we dis­cussed how to divide stars into cat­egor­ies. Secondly, we found out more about evol­u­tion of stars and how they live. And also, we were think­ing about some­thing spe­cial and we will def­in­itely share this idea to you later, so don’t miss our blogs.

We — the best math­em­aticians — learnt some facts about graphs. It was inter­est­ing, but also a bit hard. We can say that we dis­covered a new side of maths, what is cool actually.

Today on chem­istry we were study­ing a spe­cial type of solv­ing chem­ic­al reac­tions, that is called half-reac­tions. That was really inter­est­ing and excit­ing to learn.

Also we all decided to cre­ate a spe­cial day, when every­one will have a pos­sib­il­ity to vis­it each pro­file of the camp. So, every­one will have an oppor­tun­ity to vis­it chem­istry, astro­nomy or math.

After classes we had enjoy­able din­ner and then had really inter­est­ing quest. Where we solved dif­fer­ent kinds of problems.

Then, we had pre­par­a­tion for the even­ing event. We cre­ated there our own map with sym­bols and attrib­utes. After pre­par­a­tion chil­dren from dif­fer­ent groups presen­ted it for others.

After this work we had enjoy­able and relax­ing circle of unity. Atmo­sphere there was really cozy and awesome.

There day was end­ing with nice even­ing lights. Where every­one remembered the most import­ant moments in life.

As a con­clu­sion, every­one under­stood the import­ance of remem­ber­ing moments and sense of for­get­ting and solv­ing some difficulties.

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