International camp

July 25, 2019

Today we had got really useful and deep topic of the day — «Remember/forget».

After tasty breakfast we had got classes.

Hello from astronomers! Today we had such a cool day. Firstly, we discussed how to divide stars into categories. Secondly, we found out more about evolution of stars and how they live. And also, we were thinking about something special and we will definitely share this idea to you later, so don’t miss our blogs.

We — the best mathematicians — learnt some facts about graphs. It was interesting, but also a bit hard. We can say that we discovered a new side of maths, what is cool actually.

Today on chemistry we were studying a special type of solving chemical reactions, that is called half-reactions. That was really interesting and exciting to learn.

Also we all decided to create a special day, when everyone will have a possibility to visit each profile of the camp. So, everyone will have an opportunity to visit chemistry, astronomy or math.

After classes we had enjoyable dinner and then had really interesting quest. Where we solved different kinds of problems.

Then, we had preparation for the evening event. Where we created there own map with symbols and attributes. After preparation children from different groups presented it for others.

After this work we had enjoyable and relaxing circle of unity. Atmosphere there was really cozy and awesome.

There day was ending with nice evening lights. Where everyone remembered the most important moments in life.

As a conclusion, everyone understood the importance of remembering moments and sense of forgetting and solving some difficulties.

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