International camp

July 23, 2019

As always, the day started with breakfast. After delicious omelette we started our classes.

Today both math groups could enjoy lecture about game theory by the leader of iranian delegation Amir Reza Arab. Also one group did some problems about logic, while the other did some about sets. The astronomy class talked about night observations of the Moon and proceed to learn about planetary configurations and then solved some problems about it. Last but not least, chemistry class topic was solubility product constants with related problems.

During the deed of choice we could play football, volleyball or continue learning russian language.

After that we all had divided for deed councils and started preparing our deeds for the next days. For now all the ideas remain secret but it will be wonderful :)

Before the circle of unity and evening lights we spent some time in our groups playing games. It was really fun :)

But it wasn’t the end of the day! After lights we with all the pedagogues played exciting scary quest in the darkness! It’s gonna be difficult to wake up tomorrow even an hour later than usual :)

International camp International camp International camp International camp