International camp

July 22, 2019

Rest is really nice, but it is only available after hard work. So, «rest/work» were main topic of the day.

Firstly, about work. After breakfast with tasty pancakes we had classes. Mathematicians solved problems with graphs. Astronomers discussed stars. Guys from chemistry talked about different chemical elements.

After classes became deeds of choice time. Actually there were a new deal «Russian language» :) Also we could choose Spanish language and volleyball.

Then, we had got really active and intellectual game called «Think and run».

After the game we went to our group rooms and planed our next three days. Then discussed them all together.

After that, real chill started :) In groups we prepared for the evening event called «The art of chilling». As we understood later it was very active disco with cool music! The atmosphere there was also incredible!

At the end of the day we discussed every event in groups and understood difference between work and rest :))

International camp International camp International camp International camp International camp