Inter­na­tion­al camp

July 22, 2019

Rest is really nice, but it is only avail­able after hard work. So, «rest/​work» were main top­ic of the day.

Firstly, about work. After break­fast with tasty pan­cakes we had classes. Math­em­aticians solved prob­lems with graphs. Astro­nomers dis­cussed stars. Guys from chem­istry talked about dif­fer­ent chem­ic­al elements.

After classes became deeds of choice time. Actu­ally there was a new one — «Rus­si­an lan­guage» :) Also we could choose Span­ish lan­guage and volleyball.

Then, we had got really act­ive and intel­lec­tu­al game called «Think and run».

After the game we went to our group rooms and planed our next three days. Then dis­cussed them all together.

After that, real chill star­ted :) In groups we pre­pared for the even­ing event called «The art of chilling». As we under­stood later it was very act­ive disco with cool music! The atmo­sphere there was also incredible!

At the end of the day we dis­cussed every event in groups and under­stood dif­fer­ence between work and rest :))

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