«Formula of Unity» (Formulo de Integreco, FdI)  is the program of Euler Foundation; it aims to help develop intellectual and creative abilities of 13 – 17 year old school students interested in science and art. The program involves international mathematical Olympiads, distance educational circles, and also a network of children’s educational camps including the international one that welcomes children from different countries such as Spain, Romania, Ecuador, France, the USA, China, Croatia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Brazil, etc. International summer camps are carried out in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.  Besides, every two years we organize a camp in Seville with our partners from Spain.

«Formula of Unity» is a project that unites different people — positive, creative, searching, aspiring to know and to be skilled — in a teamwork. As a result all participants fulfill their potential: knowledge, talents, creative experience; they discover new things about themselves and other people.

Upcoming camps

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At present the program contains:

  1. Annual multidisciplinary international summer camp in St. Petersburg /​ Leningrad region (first held in 2012).
  2. International Mathematical Olympiad «Formula of Unity» (first held in academic year 2012/​13 with participants from 50 regions of the Russian Federation and 8 other countries).
  3. Distance mathematical circle for Russian students of grades 5 – 11, involving interactive forms of work (held since March 2013).
  4. Camps in other regions (already held in Kondopoga, Kursk, Gelendzhik, and now camp in Arhangelsk is planned for 2017).
  5. International math camp in Spain (first held in 2014).
  6. International math camp in Munich (first held in 2017).