Меж­ду­на­род­ная сме­на в Гарболово

27 июля 2018

Today was a special day not like the others. The morning began with the active sport game, which we played yesterday. Profiles were shorter than usual for one hour, and during the day the camp was empty, because most of the children after classes went on a Excursion to St. Petersburg.

Before lunch, we played the intellectual game Change my mind. It was interesting. The atmosphere was a bit lazy and sleepy.

After lunch we had a great opportunity to swim in the lake. It was fun and very cool.

So today we played an intelligent game. The debate was exciting , everyone could Express their position on some topic. There was tension in the air.

After was role-playing game monopoly. It was exiting and very fun. We could work in different departments, earn money, start a business. The game ended with an auction, where you can buy «unique features» — «Fairytale from the leader», «Breakfast in bed», etc.

In the evening there was a small but very cozy circle of unity.

The day ended with a warm evening light. We analyzed the day and started getting ready for bed.

It’s sad to realize that there are two days left and the shift is over…