Final round

The final round of the Olympi­ad will be held between Feb­ru­ary 23 and March 3, depend­ing on the coun­try. See the below table for dates and addresses; more details can be avail­able from loc­al organ­izers and/​or will be added later. The dur­a­tion of the round is 4 hours.

It is strongly recom­men­ded to check the below table 1–2 days before the sched­uled date.

Loc­a­tions of the final round (updated on Feb­ru­ary 20 at 20:52 Moscow time)


The table of par­ti­cipants is sor­ted by coun­tries, regions, cit­ies and edu­ca­tion­al institutions:

Par­ti­cipants of the final round

For loc­a­tions and par­ti­cipants in Rus­sia, see the Rus­si­an page.