Pre­lim­in­ary res­ults of the final round

Dear par­ti­cipants of the final round:

The jury checked your work, and your res­ults can be seen in your per­son­al account.

Max­im­al points:
task 1 — 10
task 2 — 5
task 3 — 10
task 4 — 5
task 5 — 15

Tasks of the final round

Cor­rect answers to tasks 1–4

Not later than on April 20 you can file an appeal (in your per­son­al account).

You work can be reques­ted by email (solv.​lang@​formulo.​orgbefore April 18. Please indic­ate your coun­try, grade and the par­ti­cipant code. Please note that on April 16 there may be prob­lems in the work of our mailbox.