Inter­na­tion­al camp

July 18, 2019

Mod­ern world is close to tech­no­lo­gies. Today par­ti­cipants of the inter­na­tion­al camp «For­mulo de Integreco» found out how tech­no­lo­gies are close to our life.

But, as always, we star­ted our day with classes in math­em­at­ics, chem­istry and astro­nomy, which were inter­est­ing :) Maybe, it is dif­fi­cult some­times to learn a lot of new things, but we are work­ing hard to deal with the top­ics and take a turn to become closer to our goals. By the way — we are always hav­ing fun no mat­ter what ;)

After lunch we explored the his­tory of tech­no­lo­gies in amaz­ing quiz con­sisted of ques­tions in dif­fer­ent categories.

After that we have breath­tak­ing role game «Robovir­us». We had to find the way to not become infec­ted by vir­us and to cure already infec­ted people. After the game fin­ished we dis­cussed, if robots will replace us in future and why.

Anoth­er import­ant deed of our day was the tech­no­lo­gic­al DIY! We did our best to build an amaz­ing bridge in our hearts <3

The last but very sens­it­ive and emo­tion­al part was even­ing lights where we also dis­cussed the rela­tion between tech­no­lo­gies and people.

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