The pro­ject-ori­ent­ing camp in Munich

August 5, 2018

It was the next won­der­ful day in the camp, which told us «The small step for a man, one giant leap for humanity».
In the morn­ing we had the open­ing cere­mony. Each group presen­ted per­form­ances about them­selves. So, now we have Pen­guins’ club and Super Milky Cynos­ure. And it was really touch­ing one by our organizers.

After the cere­mony we went to Olympiapark. We had a rather inter­est­ing excur­sion around it. Then we came back home and had a lec­tion about pro­jects after which we tried to make our own little star­tups (for one hour only). We were divided into three groups, and after din­ner we vis­ited West­park to present it. Each pro­ject was ori­gin­al and use­ful to the mod­ern life. After our can­dels in the Park we went home and fell asleep immediately.