The pro­ject-ori­ent­ing camp in Munich

August 3, 2018

Our new day («The power of inspir­a­tion day») star­ted with a lec­tion about smart cit­ies. It was quite inter­est­ing and the most part of us enjoyed it. Then we went to beau­ti­ful Munich to vis­it Deutsches Museum. It was amaz­ing, we saw a lot of new things such as elec­tron­ic cars and fly­ing pigs (we haven’t seen fly­ing pigs before :D ). Also we tried to cre­ate our own cit­ies con­sid­er­ing polit­ic­al, eco­lo­gic­al and social aspects. So, some of us «wished to con­trol the world», oth­ers «belived in sci­ence’s power» and «payed atten­tion to envir­o­ment» (it became known by a quest there). After that we spon­tan­eously decided to swim in the Isar river right in the city cen­ter! That was won­der­ful time togeth­er and we had a lot of fun. Our group candles in the even­ing were about the power energy and inspir­a­tion. It was a nice and hot day of our cozy camp!

The project-orienting camp in Munich