Inter­na­tion­al camp in Garbolovo

July 22, 2018

Today was a great day from the start. As always, we woke up to do the morn­ing exer­cises, were we had fun play­ing some games and dan­cing. Then, we had a very tasty break­fast. After that we went to our not really inter­est­ing classes. After classes we had an intel­lec­tu­al game called jeop­ardy, in which we learnt a lot of new inter­est­ing facts about fam­ous people. For example, that Kim Kar­dashi­an 5 sis­ters (I think).

The top­ic of the day was fam­ily, so groups had to do present­a­tions of tra­di­tion­al fam­il­ies of vari­ous coun­tries, such as Ecuador, Spain, Rus­sia etc. The per­form­ances were very ori­gin­al and helped learn about many of the tra­di­tions of oth­er coun­tries. Addi­tion­ally, the food of this day was really great, and we enjoyed every meal.

Our tra­di­tion­al even­ing lights were held as always. How­ever, these ones had some­thing spe­cial. They star­ted our tra­di­tion­al secret friend game. In this game, people receive papers with a name. This name will be the per­son to whom they have to gift some­thing special.

To sum up, this was anoth­er great day in the camp :)

International camp in Garbolovo