Inter­na­tion­al camp in Garbolovo

July 25, 2018

Morn­ing in the FDI as usu­al star­ted with exer­cises. After them par­ti­cipants of the camp went to their pro­files in order to improve their know­ledge and of course not to sleep.

After classes they had an activ­ity of choice. (After lunch, don’t worry, we have some­thing to eat here.) Dur­ing it chil­dren and not exactly chil­dren could play some games such a vol­ley­ball, foot­ball and bad­min­ton. Besides they could have Mem­o­logy les­son or lan­guage deed coun­cil. The top­ic of the day was «Eco­logy», so after free time par­ti­cipants needed to film a short video about some of its components.

After it we have les­sons of sur­viv­al. There we have learnt how to pitch a tent, make a first aid, sur­vive into the forest near the swamps, pick some­thing to eat from the high without hands and over­come obstacles with feet bounded togeth­er with a tape. At the end we were pre­pared to go camping!

So we went… for a pic­nic light in the forest with our groups :) There we made a fire, cooked some saus­ages and marsh­mal­lows on it and just talked with each oth­er enjoy­ing the beauty of nature.

Before going to sleep all people in the camp were con­nec­ted in the Circle of Unity, that became the won­der­ful end­ing of won­der­ful day.