Inter­na­tion­al camp

July 26, 2017

Hello every­body!

Today with the top­ic «The art of inven­tion» we met fam­ous invent­ors, cre­ated things and got closer with sci­ent­ists from dif­fer­ent coun­tries and centuries.

After the excur­sion to Saint Peters­burg every­body was very tired, so we were got up was not at 8 o’clock, but at 9 o’clock, and we didn’t have morn­ing exercises :)

At the start of the day five per­sons: Mendeleev from the 1st group, Pop­ov from the 2nd group, Edis­on from the 3rd group, Ein­stein from the 4th group and one of Wright broth­ers from 5th group came to ask about some help. They tried to invent some­thing import­ant for people, but they couldn’t do it alone, so guys from each group helped the inventors.

Les­sons were short­er, because we had lec­tion by our spon­sor “BIO­CAD” about med­ic­al cen­ter near St. Petersburg.

Dur­ing the deal of choice, we had: vol­ley­ball, foot­ball, Esper­anto lan­guage, music les­sons and dis­cus­sion with Pasha.

After the deal of choice we had game called «Just fly». Groups trav­elled to dif­fer­ent coun­tries and helped sci­ent­ists to reopen phys­ics laws togeth­er. As an example, we caught the Newton’s apple and fell to the bath with Archimedes.

Then we had photo-cross «Sci­entif­ic flash­back». Groups chose four from fif­teen sci­ence top­ics and made pho­tos about them, to remem­ber all the moments we spent together.

And as fin­ish of the day we had cozy candles in our grouprooms.

International camp
International camp
International camp