Inter­na­tion­al camp

July 18, 2017

Our morn­ing began with a very good weath­er. After that, every­body went to classes.

Stu­dents from com­puter sci­ence were really impressed by their teach­ers and les­son. Stu­dents from chem­istry said that the les­son was some­times bor­ing, but repeat­ing old inform­a­tion is also good. People, who study math, said that prob­lems were not so dif­fi­cult and journ­al­ists said that they had basic of journ­al­ism and they tried to write stories.

Com­ing up to the even­ing we had a path of trust and it was amaz­ing and every­body will remem­ber it for a long time. After the din­ner, we had a deal «Show a tal­ent» where all people had oppor­tun­ity to show their tal­ents and hobbies.

At the end of the day, our group had a first candle. For someone it was a new exper­i­ence and for oth­ers it was a nice memor­ies and warm atmosphere.

International camp

International camp