2013 — 2014: Mathematics

In the academic year 2013/14 St. Petersburg University together with Euler Foundation holds the united international mathematical olympiad «Formula of Unity» / «The Third Millenium».

This Olympiad follows traditions of two different olympiads. One of them, Formulo de Integreco», was established in 2012 with participation of more than 1000 students from 50 regions of Russian Federation and from 8 other countries. Another one, «Third Millennium», dates back to 2000 and involves hundreds of thousands of participants from Russian Federation, Belorussia and other countries. The Olympiad is a part of the program «Formula of Unity» that includes also summer international multi-disciplinary camps as described in other sections of this site.

The participation is free of charge.

E‑mail of the Organizing Committee: [email protected]​imi.​ras.​ru.

The Olympiad is over!

Over 5000 students from different countries (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Spain, Romania, Croatia, Israel, USA, Canada and Ecuador) participated in the first round of the Olympiad. More than 1000 of them passed to the final round.

After the second round 459 participants were awarded with diplomas of different degrees.

Chronology of events

All the news about the Olympiad are posted below from newest to oldest.

Preliminary Final results of the second round

March 15, 2014

The list (updated on April 6) contains the preliminary final results of the second round. The awarding ceremony will take place on March 29 in the main building of St. Petersburg University.

The first sheet of this file contains the results of all participants sorted by region, locality, educational institution, class and last name. The following sheets include results in separate grades sorted by score. In the column «Diploma» it is written the degree of the diploma or the letters «CA» denoting an honorable mention.

This list does not include the results of the participants who were disqualified for violating the rules of the Olympics.

We kindly ask you to inform us about any errors in personal data especially if you won a diploma or a commendable review.

Information about awarding ceremony

March 8, 2014

All winners of FdI Olympiad are invited to the awarding ceremony on March 29, 2014, in the main building of St. Petersburg Uiniversity at 11:00.

All the participants will be provided with free accomodation at the guesthouse of Academic Gimnasium of St. Petersburg University from March 28 to March 30. Earlier arrival is possible. Visa invitations and other formalities can be promptly arranged as needed.

We ask all the winners to inform the organizers ([email protected]​imi.​ras.​ru) before March 13 whether they can attend the ceremony. Alternatively, one can receive the diploma (or honorable mention) by mail.

The evaluation of the second round solutions is about to end

February 26, 2014

Preliminary results of the 2nd round of FdI Olympiad will be published in 2–3 days.

Appeals (requests to reevaluate one’s work) can be submitted within one week thereafter.

Second round is over

February 17, 2014

The second round of the «Formula of Unity» / «Third Millennium» has ended today.

About 1000 students participated «in competition» and almost as many people — «out of competition».

The results will be published at the end of February.

By this link you can find the list of problems.

Information about the second round

January 19, 2014

The second (final) round of the Olympiad «Formula of Unity» / «The Third Millennium» 2013/14 is intramural. It will be held in a number of places on February 26. The round will last for 4 hours.

Participants of the 2nd round include the winners of the first round as well as all those who received diplomas for winning in the Olympiad 2012/13 (lists were published earlier).

Rules of the 2nd round

  1. The official participants of the 2nd round include the winners of the 1st round as well as winners (i. e. those awarded with diplomas) of the Olympiads «Formula of Unity» and «The Third Millennium» in the year 2012–13.
    «Out of competition» participants can include:
    1. up to 4 students from an organization hosting the 2nd round;
    2. all participants of the camps «Formula of Unity»;
    3. any other groups of students based on a prior agreement with the Organizing Committee.
  2. The duration of the 2nd round is 4 hours.
  3. The participants are to fill in a participant form they receive along with the problems. They have to bring their pens and some virgin paper. During the round, it is not allowed to use calculators, computers, mobile phones and other communication tools.
  4. Since the date of the 2nd round varies among countries, the Organizing Committee asks the participants and local organizers no to publish the problems before February 16.
  5. The preliminary results (for official participants and out of competition participants from the groups «A» and «B») will be published before the end of February. The appeals (requests to reconsider one’s solutions) can be submitted within 2 days thereafter.
  6. The winners of the 2nd round from the official participants will be awarded by diplomas of the Olympiad winners.
    The winners of the 2nd round from the out of competition participants will be awarded by diploma of the 2nd round winners.

Information for organizations that host the 2nd round

  1. The Organizing Committee asks the local organizers to ensure participants’ compliance with the rules. The time necessary to fill in the participant form is not included into 4 hours provided for solving problems.
  2. The Olympiad papers are to be scanned and sent to fdi-​[email protected]​formulo.​org not later than on the next day. The papers of participants of different grades should be e‑mailed in separate messages. Participant forms are to be e‑mailed along with the papers in the same messages. The subjects of the messages should include the words «Second round», the name of the host organization and the grade (R5, R6, etc).
  3. In case of any uncertainty, please contact the Organizing Committee by [email protected]​imi.​ras.​ru.

Preliminary Final results of the first round

December 31, 2013

Dear participants of the Olympiad,

The jury has essentially completed evaluation of the solutions of the 1st round (except for a few schools of Russia and Ukraine). The maximal score for each problem was 7 points. To pass to the 2nd round, it was sufficient to receive 18 points. (In some cases, the participants with scores 14 to 17 were also invited to the 2nd round.)

We publish the list of participants of the 2nd round which will take place in the end of January:

The participants will be informed about the date and place in their countries later.

Also, the winners (awarded with diplomas) of the previous Olympiads «Formula of Unity» and «The Third Millennium» will be invited to the 2nd round.

We plan to distribute personal results among local organizers and individual participants by e‑mail before January 12. In the case of disagreement with the persolnal results, the participants will have a week to request a reconsideration of their works. If you (or your local organizer) does not receive your results by January 12, please inform the jury immediately by e‑mail fdi-​[email protected]​formulo.​org.

Solutions of the first round problems

November 29, 2013

The evaluation of solutions of the problems of the first round will be completed soon, so it is time to publish the solutions of the problems.

The end of the first round

October 22, 2013

First round if the Olympiad is over! The evaluation of solutions has started.

Information for participants from Tajikistan

October 3, 2013

The participants of our Olympiad in Tajikistan can send their solutions in paper format to any of the following two addresses.

  1. 734019, Dushanbe, мкр. Испечак‑2, ТРГИ «Хотам и П.В.»
  2. 734043, Dushanbe, Mayakovsky Street No: 27/1, Tajik Turkish Haji Kemal High School.

Start of the first round

October 1, 2013

First round will last until the 21st of October.


Information for participants

Announcement of the Olympiad

September 20, 2013

Dear friends!

We are happy to announce the forthcoming international mathematical olympiad «Formulo de Integreco» / «The Third Millennium».

Middle/high school students (11-year old and above) are invited to participate. The Olympiad includes two rounds. The first round, by correspondence, will take place from the 1st till 21st of October 2013. The problems will be published on October 1st on our website; they are to be solved within 3 weeks. There will be 7 sets of problems for 7 school grades respectively. The second round, real-time, will be organized simultaneously at multiple sites in various countries on a certain date in January 2014 (to be confirmed).

Everybody is invited to take part in the first round and the winners will be invited to the second round. 14­ to 17–year old students showing best results in the second round will be invited to the international mathematical camp «Formulo de Integreco».

Information for individual participants

The participants are supposed to be school students of grades equivalent to Russian grades 5­­–11. Those from countries with a distinct system of grades will be able to choose their sets of problems according to a table of matching grades to be published along with the problems. In countries with very different mathematical curriculum this can be treated differently (based on an agreement with the organizers). Solutions should be written in Russian, English, Spanish, or Esperanto and submitted via e‑mail in one of the standard formats (doc, txt, odt) or as scanned hand-written documents.

The problems, e‑mail address for submitting solutions, and detailed instructions will be published on October 1 in Russian, English and Spanish.

If your teacher (or a local coordinator) coordinates your participation in the Olympiad, please follow the instructions received from them.

Information for teachers and local coordinators

We would be grateful for any help in coordinating the Olympiad locally thus contributing to our common goal of rising school student interest in mathematics. You may organize participation of students from a class, a school, or an entire town or city. However, it is important that students participate voluntarily and work individually.

After collecting written or typed solutions from the participants you can send them to us not later than on October 22. You will be informed about the results at a later time (depending on the number of participants).

However, instead of this, you could evaluate the solutions yourself. If you choose this option, you will receive correct solutions and criteria for evaluation from us between October 23 and 27. In this case you will send us only submissions from the participants with the best scores on our request.

If you evaluate the solutions yourself, you will need to send us the list of participants by October 22 and the results of evaluation by November 10 (unless we agree upon a different timeline).

Although it is not necessary to inform us about participation of your group in advance, it will be helpful if you do so by contacting us via e‑mail [email protected]​imi.​ras.​ru.  Please provide the following information in your message:

  • The name and the type of the group of participants (a class, a school, a city or a country);
  • Estimate the number of participants in this group;
  • Indicate whether you will evaluate the solutions yourself.

If you are ready to coordinate the Olympiad and perform the evaluation in a big community such as a city, a region or a country, we will appreciate if you can contact us before the beginning of the Olympiad.

Usage of other languages

If you are able to evaluate the solutions by yourself (or with the help of other local coordinators), you can also translate the problems and offer them to students in a language other than Russian, English, or Spanish. We will contact you if we need your help translating the solutions.

Thank You very much for your participation!