Pedagogical seminars

The organizing committee of the program «Formulo de Integreco» invites participants to international pedagogical seminars on the methodology of collective creative education based on the ideas of an outstanding Russian educationalist I. P. Ivanov. The objective of such seminars is to expand access to educational and organizational technologies of collectivistic type which have been developed by I.P.Ivanov and his followers during the last 50 years in Russia (see Sense of the program «Formulo de Integreco»).

The first such seminar led by Ivanov’s former student Svetlana Platonova, associate professor of Leningrad State University, was held in July 2013.

Technical data of a seminar

Duration: 4 days.

Number of participants: 12336.

Working languages: Russian, Spanish and/or English, depending on the expected participants.

Presumable location: Academic Gymnasium of St. Petersburg University in Peterhof (suburb of St. Petersburg).

Participant’s fee: 250 USD which covers accommodation for 5 nights in the guesthouse of Academic Gymnasium, full board meals and transport from/to the airport.

Target group: school pedagogues, facilitators, youth leaders, community organizers.

Dates: a seminar can be organized according to a request of an interested organization as a satellite event for the multidisciplinary camp «Formulo de Integreco». Consequently, each year the convenient dates include the 2nd half of July and the 1st half of January. The next convenient dates are July 25–28, 2014.

Contact: [email protected]​imi.​ras.​ru

Program of the seminar

The program (48 academic hours) is flexible an largely depends on wishes and proposals of the participants.

Here is a sample program (in Spanish).