Pre­lim­in­ary res­ults and solu­tions to problems

Good even­ing!
Pre­lim­in­ary res­ults are avail­able in your per­son­al account.
The pro­tocol will be pub­lished shortly.
In addi­tion, we attach solu­tions to prob­lems with criteria:

No later than 23:59 on April 23 Moscow timepar­ti­cipants can request work and/​or file an appeal (a request to review the solu­tion to a spe­cif­ic task). To do this, you need to use the “Appeal” but­ton in your per­son­al account inform­a­tion sys­tem, indic­at­ing in the mes­sage “work needed” or “revi­sion of the res­ult”. In the text, write “Request for work” or “Appeal” (jus­ti­fy what you do not agree with). Please note that the task for which you are appeal­ing is rechecked, not the entire work. As a res­ult of the appeal, the points for the decision may either increase or decrease. All appeals will be con­sidered, please wait for the jury mem­ber­’s response. Requests for work are accep­ted only through a per­son­al account; there is NO NEED to write by email.

Please care­fully check your per­son­al data in your per­son­al account set­tings! We inform you that in accord­ance with the let­ter of Rosobr­nad­zor dated March 17, 2022 No. 04–57, start­ing from this year, it is required to enter SNILS data for win­ners and prize-win­ners into the FIS GIA.
Fill out the required inform­a­tion no later than April 23