Final round

Dear par­ti­cipants of the Olympi­ad and their parents!
Please read the rules of the Olympiad.

The Olympi­ad in dif­fer­ent coun­tries will be held on dif­fer­ent days:
Hun­gary: March 18
Kaza­kh­stan: March 18
Canada: March 18
Mol­dova: March 18
Tur­key: March 26
Uzbek­istan: March 19
Ecuador: March 18

You can spe­cify the place and time of the event in your per­son­al account on the Inform­a­tion Sys­tem website.
Check that you have chosen a ven­ue in the per­son­al account of the For­mula Unity inform­a­tion system.
To select a ven­ue in your per­son­al account, you need:
1) go to the » Olympi­ad» section;
2) find the Olympi­ad «Math­em­at­ics 2022–23» in the table of Olympiads;
3) press the green «Open» but­ton under the words «Final Stage» next to your class number;
4) check the box next to the appro­pri­ate venue.

If you have not fully entered the per­son­al data neces­sary for par­ti­cip­a­tion, the sys­tem will offer to do this. Be sure to check that your per­son­al set­tings are cor­rect for the school and grade you are cur­rently in. Please enter 0000 as the SNILS number.
By click­ing the left mouse but­ton on the name of the ven­ue, you can get detailed inform­a­tion about the place and time of the Olympi­ad, trans­port instruc­tions, con­tact details of the loc­al organ­izer. Please note that in the sys­tem the event time at the selec­ted ven­ue is indic­ated in Moscow time.

Take with you to the Olympi­ad doc­u­ments con­firm­ing your iden­tity, paper, sta­tion­ery, water.

Please arrive at the ven­ue 30 minutes before the start!

The dur­a­tion of the Olympi­ad is 3 hours 55 minutes.
In case your coun­try is not on the list, we ask you to write an Olympi­ad in the format of an online tour. To do this, you need to select the Antarctica/​Dronning Maud Land/​Zone For­eign Par­ti­cipants. For fur­ther instruc­tions after regis­tra­tion, please con­tact the jury at solv@​formulo.​org if you have not already done so.