Final round

On April 4, the final round of our Math­em­at­ic­al Olympi­ad will take place.

In all coun­tries oth­er than Rus­sia and Uzbek­istan, the final round will be held in the dis­tant form.

Before April 3, the par­ti­cipants have to vis­it the inform­a­tion sys­tem is​.for​mulo​.org and to choose one of the six time zones (shown as «loc­a­tions») UTC‑9, UTC‑6, UTC‑1, UTC+2, UTC+6, or UTC+10 accord­ing to the pre­fer­rable time of start.

On April 4 at 11:00 (loc­al time of the cor­res­pond­ing time zone) they will receive an email with the Olympi­ad prob­lems. They will have 4 hours to solve them + 20 minutes to scan or pho­to­graph their solu­tions. The solu­tions are to be sent to the jury address solv@​formulo.​org.

Some more details will be included in an email we will send to the par­ti­cipants soon.