Announce­ment of the Olympiad

Dear friends!

We are happy to announce the forth­com­ing inter­na­tion­al math­em­at­ic­al olympi­ad «For­mulo de Integreco» / «The Third Mil­len­ni­um» con­duc­ted by Euler Found­a­tion jointly with Saint Peters­burg State University.

Secondary/​high school stu­dents (11-year old and above) are invited to par­ti­cip­ate. The Olympi­ad is held in two rounds. The first (extra­mur­al) round will take place from Octo­ber 1 to Octo­ber 21, 2014, its prob­lems will be pub­lished on Octo­ber 1 on our web­site. The second, intra­mur­al round will be held sim­ul­tan­eously in many cit­ies of Rus­sia and in oth­er coun­tries on Feb­ru­ary 1, 2015. This Olympi­ad con­tin­ues tra­di­tions of two Olympi­ads, one of which — «For­mula Of Unity» — was first held in 2012/2013; anoth­er — «The Third Mil­len­ni­um» — has been con­duc­ted since 2001, and, in its turn, it con­tin­ues the tra­di­tions of Sor­os Olympi­ads. In 2013/14 aca­dem­ic year the Olympi­ad gathered more than 5,000 stu­dents from 13 countries.

Par­ti­cip­a­tion is free of charge. Every­body is invited to take part in the first round and the win­ners will be invited to the second round. Par­ti­cipants with the best res­ults in the second round will be invited to the inter­na­tion­al math­em­at­ic­al camp «For­mulo de Integreco».

We hope that teach­ers, home­room teach­ers and circle tutors would be able to take a con­sid­er­able part in organ­iz­ing the first round at their schools and then in eval­u­ation of the first tour prob­lems (see the para­graph «Inform­a­tion for teach­ers and loc­al coordinators»).

Inform­a­tion for indi­vidu­al participants

The par­ti­cipants are sup­posed to be school stu­dents of grades equi­val­ent to Rus­si­an grades 5–11 (table of match­ing grades). If you are will­ing to par­ti­cip­ate you don’t have to report your par­ti­cip­a­tion in advance, it’s enough just to send your solu­tions by Octo­ber 21, 2014. Solu­tions are accep­ted in Esper­anto, Rus­si­an, Eng­lish, Span­ish, Romani­an, Geor­gi­an, French or Ger­man and are to be sub­mit­ted via e‑mail in one of the stand­ard formats (doc, txt, odt or pdf) or as scanned hand-writ­ten doc­u­ments. Solu­tions in oth­er lan­guages may be accep­ted if agreed with loc­al coordin­at­ors. The prob­lems, e‑mail address for sub­mit­ting solu­tions, and detailed instruc­tions will be pub­lished here on Octo­ber 1.

It is pos­sible for primary school stu­dents (1–4 grades for example) to par­ti­cip­ate and solve the Olympi­ad prob­lems if they like.

If you learnt about the Olympi­ad from your teach­ers, fol­low their instruc­tions: your work is likely to be handed to them.

Inform­a­tion for teach­ers and loc­al coordinators

We would be grate­ful for any help in coordin­at­ing the Olympi­ad loc­ally thus con­trib­ut­ing to our com­mon goal of rising school stu­dent interest in math­em­at­ics. You may organ­ize par­ti­cip­a­tion of stu­dents from a class, a school, or an entire town or city. How­ever, it is import­ant that stu­dents par­ti­cip­ate vol­un­tar­ily and work individually.

After col­lect­ing writ­ten or typed solu­tions from the par­ti­cipants you can send them to us no later than on Octo­ber 22. You will be informed about the res­ults at a later time (depend­ing on the num­ber of participants).

How­ever, instead of this, you can eval­u­ate the solu­tions your­self. If you choose this option, you will receive cor­rect solu­tions and cri­ter­ia for eval­u­ation from us (between Octo­ber 23 and 27). In this case you will send us only sub­mis­sions from the par­ti­cipants with the best scores on our request.

If you eval­u­ate the solu­tions your­self, you will need to send us the list of par­ti­cipants by Octo­ber 22 and the res­ults of eval­u­ation by Novem­ber 10 (unless we agree upon a dif­fer­ent timeline).

Although it is not neces­sary to inform us about par­ti­cip­a­tion of your group in advance, it will be help­ful if you do so by con­tact­ing us via e‑mail fdi@​imi.​ras.​ru. Please provide the fol­low­ing inform­a­tion in your message:

  • The name and the type of the group of par­ti­cipants (a class, a school, a city or a country);
  • Estim­ated num­ber of par­ti­cipants in this group;
  • Wheth­er you are going to eval­u­ate the solu­tions yourself.

If you are ready to coordin­ate the Olympi­ad and per­form the eval­u­ation in a big com­munity such as a city, a region or a coun­try, we will appre­ci­ate if you con­tact us before the begin­ning of the Olympiad.

The prob­lems of the first round will be pub­lished on Octo­ber 1 in Rus­si­an and Eng­lish, but we are ready to pub­lish them in oth­er lan­guages as well if loc­al coordin­at­ors help us with trans­la­tion. In this case, we will send them the prob­lems to be trans­lated earli­er, a few days before the begin­ning of the first round.

Thank You very much for your participation!

The Organ­iz­ing Committee