International camp in Munich, Germany

Dates: August 4 — August 14, 2017
Main leader: Natalia Glushkova
Director: Juri Chervinski

International camp in Munich, GermanyThe international summer camp in Munich from its beginning signified something quite new and unusual for the «Formula of Unity» — and so it turned out to be!

The participants of this small but so mature and exciting camp in the cultural center «GOROD» were 28 children aged from 16 to 19 from Russia, Spain, Germany, Latvia and Austria. They were divided into 4 groups — «Microwaves», «UR mom», «Eureka!» and «Enrique’s secret angels».

Because of the small number of participants there was only one main subject for the whole «Formula» which was mathematics. In addition, twice during the camp the guys had the opportunity to visit a deal of choice. Such profiles were Architecture, Socio-Economics, Ecology, Informatics, and the workshop «Dome it» from the Spanish participant Alejandro.

The theme was urbanism and a city from all points of view. So each group during the camp was working on their own project on urban development: urban planning, education and sport, living area (sleeping area), education and culture (museum of the future). The result of this work was the understanding of a project work structure, and design of four development projects from the groups.

The thematic periods of immersion into city life were History, Education, Culture and arts, Environment.

On the 4th of August (the first day) we had introductory mathematical Olympiad, the participants were divided according to their level of knowledge into three educational groups: «Subway», «Bus» and «Bicycle». The main events of the day were also a general meeting in Westpark, the Path of Trust and the Camp Opening.

International camp in Munich, GermanyOn the 5th of August (Godly Plans) our friendly company visited the Olympiapark, looking at it as a city object as well as a unity of nature and technology, and that was the theme for the evening.

On the 6th of August (Inception) there was an educational tour to the Deutsches Museum (German Technical Museum), and after that — the business game «the City», thanks to which all the participants were able to feel real life bureaucracy and also tried to open their own business.

All the day on the 7th of August (A Day in the heart of the City) was dedicated to a city as a whole: in the afternoon the groups had a quest in the old town of Munich. In the evening, after summing up their observations, they learnt what a project was, and started working on it.

The 8th of August (The day of boundless possibilities) was a first day of the period «Education». It began (after mathematics) with a visit to the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich) and ended with an education fair, where the guys in the group created and presented some workshops or courses that didn’t exist but could exist.

The 9th of August (Day of great people) there were two mathbattles: «Village» and «Megapolis». The forces were not equal, but the guys did it! And one of the participants of the camp was considered by teachers as so cool that he was even made a second judge :) The evening was devoted to discussion on important choices in great people’s lives and the guys’ ones.

August, 10th (Day of cities’ cultures) began with the brightest part of the camp — «Culture and art». In the morning, each team went on a tour associated with their project: Westpark, Educational institutions in the area of Harras metro station, the urban area in the Olympiapark and the Staatliches Museum Ägyptischer Kunst (State Museum of Egyptian Art). In the evening there was atmospheric common creative task prepared by duty leaders and after dinner we went on a night tour through Munich accompanied by two nice city caretakers armed with halberds, horns and lights.

The morning of August 11th (The day, when cultures unite in the city) created good mood for the whole day thanks to a visit to the incredible interactive Museum Gamelan, where we all played various musical instruments together, creating a common breathtaking melody. In the afternoon the children discovered games from different countries and also some new knowledge of mathematics, and in the evening we had a disco with role play games elements.

On the 12th of August (The day of the modern City) the project work was finished, almost all day was dedicated to it, except for a trip to Munich in search of additional information for the project completion. In the evening, each group presented their project, and all participants, who were not involved in the presentations, along with all the teachers assessed them according to the criteria of possibility of its implementation in the future.

The entire day of August 13th (The day of the Beauty around us) till the dinner we enjoyed the mountain beauty at the foot of the Neuschwanstein Castle. But besides aesthetic pleasure, the teams also received a task to make short films on the topic «Everything is wonderful, you just need to look closer», and they were really deep in meaning… well, almost :)

International camp in Munich, GermanyOn the last day of camp, August 14th (Good day — good bye), we had to summarize the entire camp work using a mathematics test, projects reviews and the analysis of the camp in general. In the afternoon we went to a really emotional walk to the river Isar, where we poured a lot of water on each other (and some of us even had a good swim), played various games and made a lot of bright pictures. In the evening we had a very warm camp closure that continued with group «lights» and a mutual goodbye at a fire in Westpark.

It has been a really unique summer camp of «Formula of Unity», but it, like all others, has left a lot of emotions, pleasant memories and strong friendship among all its members!

International camp in Munich, Germany

4 August 2017

Das ist fantastich!

First day of our small camp in GOROD was really hot not only because of high temperature, but because of happened events.

5 August 2017

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6 August 2017

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8 August 2017

The day of boundless posibilities

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9 August 2017

Dear diary,

today we had math battles and we loved it. 2nd breakfast was just delicious. Lunch too. The quest in the park was amazing and super …

10 August 2017

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11 August 2017

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Then after meeting in the LES for the start of the day we went to a music museum and …

12 August 2017

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Then we had free walk around the city center with our leaders. …

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14 August 2017

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