Camp in Seville, Spain

Dates: July 15 — July 30, 2016
Delegation leaders: Boris Andrade, Ekaterina Samarina

Camp in Seville, SpainTwo weeks in the V Summer School of Mathematics at the University of Sevilla, Spain finished too soon.

Camp in Seville, SpainIt’s hard to say what was more interesting — morning classes or evening entertainment. A typical day usually began with a mathematical warm-up, practical exercises and lectures at the Faculty of Mathematics.

The participants were divided into three groups. Camp in Seville, SpainFor example, the first class was about the theory of chaos (unpredictable predictions, crowd behavior), the other group had a maths battle, and the third one calculated algorithms. The children made robots move during a master class on robotics. The robot Alfie caused a lot of emotions. Professor Ramon Piedra showed mathematical tricks at the lecture «Magic and Mathematics», where between some tricks we learned what a golden section, Fibonacci sequence, palindrome and much more interesting things were.

Camp in Seville, SpainIn addition to the mathematical battles which had already become traditional in Spain (although the idea belongs to Russian mathematicians! ;-)), in the morning we had a lesson on the production of ordinary and parabolic hyperboloids. The guys even managed to come up with the camp logo with the GeoGebra!

Camp in Seville, SpainDue to the climatic conditions of the city (the heat was up to 40 degrees Celsius), there was free time after lunch, when we could play board games, swim or sleep. It should be noted that the Russian guys were not hiding in the air-conditioned rooms, but bravely met their Spanish friends on the football field and in the pool!

And then the most interesting things began, we had mathematical quests in the Central Park of the city or at the university, pair games, gift exchange, an excursion to the main cathedral of Seville.

Camp in Seville, SpainCamp in Seville, SpainI would like to say a few words about the latter, because this is the third largest Gothic cathedral in the world! It contains symbolic keys from the city, exhibits numerous religious attributes of the 13–18 centuries, and Christopher Columbus is buried there. We climbed 34 floors to the top of the cathedral bell tower, where we could see a spectacular view of the city.

Camp in Seville, SpainIt’s hard to stop speaking about this trip: an excursion to Cordoba, a hike to the «Christopher’s Egg» (the monument is a gift from the Russian Federation), and so on; we can describe the comfortable living conditions of the university campus in cool rooms for 1 or 2 people :)

Unfortunately, the time in the camp was over. The last day started as usual: problem solving, classes in groups (study of Maxima’s program, modeling in 3D and so on), a lecture on universal constants. But in the evening after the master class on a hexoflexo creation, a farewell party took place, where the Spanish and Russian children, with tears in their eyes, wrote wonderful wishes to each other.

Camp in Seville, Spain