International Camp in Losevo

Dates: July 15 — July 31, 2015
Main leader: Lubov Shimina

Well, another summer camp of «Formula of Unity» is over. It took place in the recreational center «Parus» (which means «Sail») in Leningrad region from 18th to 31st of July, 2015. It was not the first multidisciplinary international summer camp but it was organized perfectly!

104 students from different countries and cities of the world participated in this session, all of them left with positive feelings, and here you can see some participants’ opinions:

The camp was very interesting and exciting because communicating with people from different countries is not only useful for practicing English skills but also interesting as a way of learning new points of view on life, of finding out «how another country breathes».

After the camp I have realized how much I got used to all this and miss it, so I’m looking forward to the next year to visit again the wonderful country of happiness «FDI».

I was for the first time in «Formulo» this year and it was the best camp in my life. It was so cool to talk to everyone there, and it was fun and exciting to organize activities and just to be with my wonderful group.

The participants lived each day with fun and excitement. As it is typical for such summer camps, they had classes in the first part of the day and after lunch there were diverse creative events and activities: dances with funny games, an interesting quiz about customs and traditions of different countries (and of much more ones than were present in the camp), narrative role plays such as «Librarian», «Stilyagi» or «Russian Teddy Boys», etc. where the players were like real actors who lived the lives of their characters, so these games burst with action. Doing a lot of creative tasks the children had to make something up or perform on stage, and they did their best! Their team work was always original and at its top.

Of course, each one of these interesting and wonderful activities was memorable, however, the children pointed out some of them:

The event where we had to show different countries was a great opportunity to learn about the traditions of the countries which were not present in the camp! All guys were very creative.

The role play «Stiliagi» was special because everyone was so involved in their roles that they almost forgot the difference between the imaginative world and the real one!!

Many participants also emphasized that their group time and «evening lights or candles» (evening group meetings) were very important and fascinating for them because there they were able to talk to other children and share their impressions freely and without any doubt.

As for the first part of the days, after the summer school, there were a lot of useful teaching materials, as well as good memories about the time spent in classes, and the evidence of that were the smiles on the faces during the awarding with certificates, as well as the eyes burning with the light of the acquired knowledge!

Moreover, there was also an excursion day (and more than one), in which the guys went on an excursion along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg, and after that everyone had time to walk around the main sights in the city center, and also to have a delicious dinner. Thanks to our excursion, all souvenir shops of the embankment of the Griboedov channel had an excellent income that day, and that’s why everyone was definitely very happy!

14 days of the school passed by quickly like one moment. The farewell time was sad and, despite the fact that we had always known that it would come, too sudden. The good-bye party for all participants especially touched everyone’s soul: after all, we did not want to part with so good and understanding people and friends! And farewell candles lasted till night, till the departure of the foreign students on their first bus :)

International Camp in Losevo

Unfortunately, all issues were in Russian, but some articles there had been written in English: