2020 — 2021: Physics

Physics Olympiad 2020-21School stu­dents of grades 8–11 from Rus­sia and of equi­val­ent grades from all over the world are invited to participate.

Par­ti­cip­a­tion in the com­pet­i­tion is free. All school stu­dents can take part in the qual­i­fy­ing round and the win­ners of it are invited to the final round. Win­ners of the pre­vi­ous Olympi­ad (with dip­lo­mas of any degree) are also invited dir­ectly to the finals.

Par­ti­cipants with the best res­ults will be awar­ded with dip­lo­mas and invited (with reduced fee) to the inter­na­tion­al camps «For­mulo de Integreco».

Olympi­ad’s organizers

The Olympi­ad 2020/21 is organ­ized by Peter the Great St. Peters­burg Poly­tech­nic Uni­ver­sity.

Con­tact us

You can send your ques­tions by e‑mail olimp.​[email protected]​formulo.​org.

Current status: The qualifying round results are published. See you in the final round!

Chronology of events

All the news about the Olympiad are posted below from newest to oldest.

Final round

February 13, 2021

The final round will take place on Feb­ru­ary 22, 2021 in dis­tant form. The par­ti­cipants can start their work either at 11:00, Moscow time (UTC+3), or at 8:00. The dur­a­tion of the final round is 4 hours.

Detailed inform­a­tion on the final round will be sent to the par­ti­cipants by email with­in the next 3 days.

Res­ults of the qual­i­fy­ing round

December 31, 2020

Dear par­ti­cipants!

We are glad to pub­lish the res­ults of the qual­i­fy­ing round while the year 2020 is not over yet! You can check your marks in the «Olympi­ad» sec­tion in
the Inform­a­tion sys­tem.

Every ques­tion of each prob­lem costs 1 point. Here are the thresholds for passing to the final round:

  • R8: 7 points;
  • R9: 6 points;
  • R10: 7 points;
  • R11: 4 points.

The final round will take place in the end of Feb­ru­ary 2021.


P.S. Solu­tions of the prob­lems of the qual­i­fy­ing round will be pub­lished in Janu­ary 2021.

Error in prob­lem 8.4 & remark in prob­lem 11.1

November 20, 2020

Dear par­ti­cipants!

The Com­mit­tee of the Olympi­ad apo­lo­gises for an error in prob­lem 4 for R8. There should be 20 kJ sup­plied instead of 32 kJ.

Also the remark was added for the prob­lem 11.1 to cla­ri­fy the aver­age speed.

Start of the qual­i­fy­ing round

November 16, 2020

Here is the qual­i­fy­ing (remote) round of the phys­ics Olympi­ad «For­mula of Unity»/«The Third mil­len­ni­um». We will be happy if your friends who like phys­ics also par­ti­cip­ate. How­ever, every assign­ment should be done indi­vidu­ally; oth­er­wise, your sub­mis­sion will not be considered.

Rules of the qual­i­fy­ing round

The qual­i­fy­ing round is an online-test: for each of 10 prob­lems you have to give only the answer. You can find the instruc­tion for par­ti­cip­a­tion in the pre­vi­ous post below.

The win­ners of Olympi­ad 2019/20 (those with Dip­lo­mas I‑III) can par­ti­cip­ate dir­ectly in the final round.


Any ques­tions?

You can send your ques­tions (about both the prob­lems and the par­ti­cip­a­tion) to the organ­izers by e‑mail olimp.​[email protected]​formulo.​org.

Good luck!


October 22, 2020

We are glad to announce the First Inter­na­tion­al Phys­ics Olympi­ad «For­mula of Unity»/«The Third Mil­len­ni­um»! There will be 2 rounds.

Qual­i­fy­ing round

The first round is an online test and will be held from Novem­ber 16 to Novem­ber 29.

Detailed inform­a­tion will be avail­able near the start of the round. For par­ti­cip­a­tion (includ­ing send­ing your answers) you have to  register in our inform­a­tion system:

Final round

The second (final) round of the Olympi­ad will be held in the Feb­ru­ary, 2021 at mul­tiple sites in vari­ous coun­tries. Detailed inform­a­tion about loc­a­tions will be avail­able near the start of the round.