Inter­na­tion­al camp

July 28, 2019

Today was the last com­mon day in this inter­na­tion­al camp. Tomor­row we will have a day of say­ing good­bye to each oth­er :(

But firstly about today. Top­ic of this day was pretty cool — «possible/​impossible». All activ­it­ies were like chal­lenges, even classes :)

Today in math group «Area 52» we solved prob­lems of the top­ics that we were dis­cuss­ing all the camp (graphs, sets, logic, etc). It was a cool test which showed what we learned and what we need to improve in future. Our com­pan­ions from group «Elev­en» were solv­ing dif­fi­cult (as they said) prob­lems. Also one of them tried to explain me why 1+2+3+4+…=-1/12 :) Astro­nom­ic classes were amaz­ing — they were talk­ing about black holes and their influ­ence on Galaxy. Chem­istry group had a new teach­er! They had a dis­cus­sion about oil, how to use it and how to solve prob­lems with this black gold.

After classes and deal of choice we had got really inter­est­ing activ­ity called «Is it pos­sible to know every­one?» in which we real­ized that prac­tic­ally all guys know each oth­er and we are like one friendly fam­ily.

After that we had pre­par­a­tion for the even­ing deal — it was auc­tion where people from dif­fer­ent groups bought move­ments for their own dance. Also we cre­ated games and dec­or­a­tions.

Finally we had got an amaz­ing disco. There were some ori­gin­al and tra­di­tion­al songs. Also groups per­formed their beau­ti­ful dances.

At the end of the day we had got even­ing lights. They were really ori­gin­al, but tra­di­tion­ally cozy and cute.

All in all, it was prac­tic­ally last day, but it was incred­ible! And every­body knows that the end is the begin­ning of some­thing big­ger. And after this camp would be new and new camps of our lovely FDI ❤

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