International camp

July 28, 2019

Today was the last common day in this international camp. Tomorrow we will have a day of saying goodbye to each other :(

But firstly about today. Topic of this day was pretty cool — «possible/impossible». All activities were like challenges, even classes :)

Today in math group «Area 52» we solved problems of the topics that we were discussing all the camp (graphs, sets, logic, etc). It was a cool test which showed what we learned and what we need to improve in future. Our companions from group «Eleven» were solving difficult (as they said) problems. Also one of them tried to explain me why 1+2+3+4+…=-1/12 :) Astronomic classes were amazing — they were talking about black holes and their influence on Galaxy. Chemistry group had a new teacher! They had a discussion about oil, how to use it and how to solve problems with this black gold.

After classes and deal of choice we had got really interesting activity called «Is it possible to know everyone?» in which we realized that practically all guys know each other and we are like one friendly family.

After that we had preparation for the evening deal — it was auction where people from different groups bought movements for their own dance. Also we created games and decorations.

Finally we had got an amazing disco. There were some original and traditional songs. Also groups performed their beautiful dances.

At the end of the day we had got evening lights. They were really original, but traditionally cozy and cute.

All in all, it was practically last day, but it was incredible! And everybody knows that the end is the beginning of something bigger. And after this camp would be new and new camps of our lovely FDI ❤

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