«Formula of Unity» / «The Third Millennium» international Olympiad

International Mathematical Olympiad «Formula of Unity» / «The Third Millennium” continues two earlier independent Olympiads: «Formula of Unity» that took place in 2012/2013 and «The Third Millennium” that has been conducted since 2001. The united Olympiad organized by St. Petersburg State University and Euler Foundation was first held in 2013/14 academic year. In the year 2014/15 it gathered more than 6,000 students from 15 countries.

We invite schoolchildren of 5 – 11 grades from schools of Russia and schoolchildren of 11 – 17 years old from all over the world. The Olympiad is held in two rounds, the first one is extramural (October-November), the second one is intramural (February).

Olympiad problems are translated into several languages. Contestants are allowed to write their solutions in those languages.

Participation is free of charge. All school students can take part in the first round and the winners of the first round are invited to the second round. Winners of the previous Olympiad (with diplomas of any degree) are also invited directly to the second round. Participants with the best results in the second round will be awarded with diplomas and invited (with reduced fee) to the international mathematical camp «Formulo de Integreco».

The first round

The second round will take place between February 25 and March 4 depending on the country:

Information about the second round

The Organizing Committee is available by e-mail [email protected].

Our partners in different countries

Bulgaria: Мате­ма­ти­ка без гра­ниц

Ecuador: Olimpiada Matemática Ecuatoriana

Iran: International Mathematics Contest Union

Moldova: Tiraspol State University in Chișinău

Spain: ESTALMAT Andalucía


Olympiad 2015/16

Olympiad 2014/15